Luxury Restroom Trailer

Our 15’ luxury trailer is a 4-stall model restroom trailer. It has a combination of gender-selectable stalls and therefore it is the most versatile in our fleet. The 15’ mobile restroom is perfect for lower volume, corporate events, weddings, fundraisers and in an endless variety of other applications. This is due to its ability to serve an event with between 50-250 people for up to 8 hours.

Luxury Mobile Restroom Amenities

This luxury mobile restroom unit includes four stalls, each furnished with a toilet and sink. This large restroom trailer can be configured in various ways to suit the requirements of weddings and all manner of other events/situations. Our modern facilities provide your guests with the sort of clean, private, and spacious mobile restrooms that afford all the comforts of home. This includes amenities such as:

Men’s Restroom 1

  • 1 Toilet Stall
  • 1 Sinks

Men’s Restroom 2

  • 1 Toilet Stall
  • 1 Sinks

Women’s Restroom 1

  • 1 Toilet Stall
  • 1 Sink

Women’s Restroom 2

  • 1 Toilet
  • 1 Sink


  • Garden hose hook up with city water at a pressure of 35 PSI.
  • (1) 20-amp 120v circuits (standard household plugs) for full operation of the trailer. Outlets must be within 100’ of the trailer.
  • A level setup area.
14 Gray Spa 4 Stall Women A 2

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