Luxury Porta Potty Rental in Michigan

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Two Options for your Event

15’ Restroom Trailer

Our 15’ luxury trailer is a 3-stall model restroom trailer. It has a combination of gender-selectable stalls and therefore it is the most versatile in our fleet. The 15’ mobile restroom is perfect for lower volume, corporate events, weddings, fundraisers and in an endless variety of other applications. This is due to its ability to serve an event with between 50-200 people for up to 8 hours.

Men’s Restroom

  • 1 Toilet Stall
  • 1 Waterless Urinal
  • 1 Sinks


  • 1 Toilet Stall
  • 1 Sink


  • 1 Toilet
  • 1 Sink


  • Garden hose hook up with city water at a pressure of 35 PSI.
  • Three 20-amp 120v circuits (standard household plugs) for full operation of the trailer. Outlets must be within 100’ of the trailer.
  • A level setup area.

20’ Restroom Trailer

Our 20-foot portable bathroom trailers represent BMR’s highest tier of luxury. They include exquisite features such as real wood stained trim, crown and chair molding, contemporary flooring, recessed and sconce lighting, and hands-free sinks. For this reason, they set the standard for enhanced style, amenities and comfort. The 20-foot portable restrooms are perfect for events with 250-500 people.

Men’s Restroom

  • 2 Toilet Stall
  • 2 Waterless Urinals
  • 2 Sinks


  • 4 Toilet Stalls with Full Wall Dividers
  • 2 Sink


  • Garden hose hook up with city water at a pressure of 35 PSI.
  • Three 20-amp 120v circuits (standard household plugs) for full operation of the trailer. Outlets must be within 100’ of the trailer.
  • A level setup area.


Our Goal: A Better Portable Restroom

Best Mobile Restrooms (BMR) has over 17 years experience in the event industry. We have worked for some of the largest corporations in the world. Along the way, we noticed a need for a higher level of portable restroom trailers for various events and construction projects. As a result, BMR specializes in long-term rentals of luxury mobile restrooms and shower trailers for weddings, corporate events, construction sites and other events. We currently operate in two Michigan locations—Flint and Traverse City—and we plan to eventually provide our services across the country. Contact us today to receive your free estimate.

Our Clients

We have provided luxury portable restrooms for numerous clients including the President of the United States, Corvette, Concours d’Elegance of America and numerous wineries.



Convey Elegance

Give your guests the added elegance and comfort of a higher level of portable restroom. They will appreciate it!

Match Your Style

Match the aesthetic of your event with a higher level of portable restroom. This will create a cohesive style for your event.

Keep Guests Happy

Luxury mobile restroom trailers provide guests with cleaner and more spacious restrooms than a typical porta potty rental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a portable restroom trailer better than an ordinary porta potty?

For starters, a luxury restroom trailer is much cleaner, provides better ventilation and is more spacious than a porta potty. They provide a higher caliber of style and thus are better able to cater to those wishing to provide their guests with a more suitable place to freshen up. Guests at weddings and special events have come to expect the additional amenities that luxury portable restroom trailers provide. They make guests feel more at home. In addition, restroom trailers can support a higher volume of traffic than the typical porta potty. Lastly, luxury restroom trailers have better lighting and provide real glass mirrors so that guests can check their appearance before returning to your event. These details can make a big difference and create a lasting impression on your guests.

What types of clients rent luxury restroom trailers?

We have a highly diverse client base. Our clients use our trailers at weddings, special events, construction job sites, film and TV sets, corporate events, sporting events and more. In other words, our trailers are not just for the elite. They serve any client who wishes to provide guests with more than a small green box. Luxury portable restroom trailers deliver a heightened level of hospitality and are suitable for nearly any situation.

How do I know what model of trailer I might need?

A 14-foot trailer is perfect for a smaller scale event hosting up to 200 people. For events hosting more than 200 guests, we recommend our 20-foot restroom trailer.

What are the requirements of your restroom trailers?

Each trailer requires three standard, 20-amp 120v circuits (standard plugs) that are within 100 feet of the trailer. They also require a garden hose water hook up providing city water at 35PSI. Lastly, our trailers require a level, 20′ x 20′ area to set upon.

Do luxury restroom trailers have heat and air conditioning?

Yes. Our restroom trailers are well ventilated yet also provide heat in cold weather and air conditioning in hot weather. Our goal is to provide a more comfortable portable restroom that goes beyond the expectations of your guests.

How far ahead of my event should I schedule my portable restroom trailer?

It’s never too soon to schedule your free estimate. We prefer to schedule a drop-off at least one month ahead of time; however, the general availability of our trailers varies greatly. For that reason, we suggest that you contact BMR as soon as you know the date of your event.